6 reasons it’s dangerous to think your new dating is perfect

When we fall in love, we like to believe that our new partner is perfect. After all, it’s a lot easier to be happy if you think everything will be perfect forever. 

But this kind of thinking is dangerous because it can blind us to problems and issues with the relationship and even lead us into bad situations. If you dates sexy Chicago escorts or met someone special and got love struck, you might have to stop the delusion that your date is perfect because love can fill in the blanks. 

Here are six reasons why you should never idealize your new partner:

Perfect Together?

Your new partner isn’t perfect and neither are you, and it’s equally important not to let your guard down entirely. You’re both going to make mistakes and have bad days, so don’t think that just because things are going well now means they will always go smoothly.

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Cards Are Not Yet Laid On The Table 

Be honest with each other about what you want out of the relationship and what kind of person you want them to be in order for those things to happen.

A New Relationship

It’s natural to want your new relationship to be perfect, but it’s dangerous to think that it is. That first stage of dating makes the romance bloom and have perfect moments. 

It’s easy to idealize people you don’t know well. When you’re dating someone new and exciting, it’s natural to assume that they’re perfect for you, even if there are some warning signs. But before long, those assumptions can lead to disappointment and heartbreak.

No Arguments, Yet

Many people are attracted to the idea of being in a relationship with someone who will never argue or disagree with them. They think that because they haven’t fought yet, their partner must be perfect for them and everything will always be smooth sailing from here on out. Accept that it is not true and most relationships have a beautiful beginning. 

Positive Illusions

When we meet someone for the first time, we tend to assume the best about them because we haven’t seen their faults yet. This tendency is called “positive illusions.” While this isn’t always a bad thing as it helps us stay optimistic, it can also make us blindsided by reality when things start going wrong down the road.

High Expectations

You can’t help but be disappointed when your new partner doesn’t live up to your expectations. You might expect them to do things for you and think about things in a particular way, but they won’t always meet those expectations. 

When this happens, it’s natural for disappointment or resentment toward your new partner to rise up within you. The reason why this happens is because many people believe that their partners should be perfect. If someone doesn’t act like the ideal person in every situation, then there will be concerns. 

In Conclusion

Your date is not perfect because no one is perfect. You may have a positive illusion about the person, yet you have to be realistic to prevent having such high expectations from others.